53 PLYARC® Arc and Fireproofing Tape


A 30 mil (0,76mm) elastomeric tape that provides excellent flame and arc protection for all types of cables. When exposed to flame, 53 Plyarc will generate a thermally insulating residue for cable protection. Use on cable conduit where added fire protection is required. Excellent flexibility and conformability for easy application. Available in grey.  
Code: 3817
Color: grey
Dimensions: 38 mm x 0.76 mm x 6.1 m 76 mm x 0.76 mm x 6.1 m 357 mm x 0.76 mm x 357 mm 25.4 mm x 0.76 mm x 6.1 m 762 mm x 0.76 mm x 6.1 m